Wednesday, 29 August 2007

German Collection (2007)

Robert Ern-Yuan Guth

Go 4

The performance began at the entrance of the Aue-Pavillon (Documenta, Kassel). We were running through the pavilion though being asked not to. At certain point we took our dresses off and continue running to the exit. With this performance we wanted to give something opposite of the set up of the exhibition Documenta which we found formal. We brought in action, tempo and the rhythm of life against passivity. Act was minimal and as simple as a drawing of a line.

Jonna Kinnunen
Maja Beganovic
Kassel, 28/07/2007

These images are the simply reflex of my experience as a visitor of the Documenta XXII.

The form there has migrated, from the immigrant that tries to crossing the Spanish frontier seeking a better future, until the image of the maximum responsible for the Documents XXII Roger Buergel. My critical to this exposition is simply the lack of responsibility as compared to the reality. It is very little coherent to outline an international and monumental exposition in the one which have been invested large quantities of money, to criticize inequality economic between the kernel and the periphery, colonizing and colonies, either in the area of the art, of the policy or of the global culture. Finally the criticize is returned against, congratulation!, all the tourists of the high culture will go this summer to Kassel, is nice to say I just was in there.

We consider it hypocritical to have the migration of the form motif without the chairs of the Aue-
Pavilion migrating throughout the various artworks. In turn, we decided that modern chairs should be included among the Chinese wooden chairs of the 17th century Qing Dynasty, a work by Ai Weiwei. Also, the chairs should move around the exhibition. For our project, we placed a modern chair within the antique chairs and repositioned them in the Aue-Pavilion. We did not do so to create chaos. We simply made a silent interruption, with people not realizing they were a part of the performance.

Monday, 20 August 2007

Team Herkules